I believe with all my heart that pain is for the glory of God.  How can I say this?  Because everything is made for the glory of God.  We work for the glory of God.  We love for the glory of God.  We have pain, trials, heartache, disease, affliction, troubles, all for the glory of God.  Why?  Because God is most glorified in our pain, and the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is enough to praise Him, finds absolutely glory in our trials.  When I had my three liver transplants and struggled with disease for sixteen years, and still struggling through it, I was able to share with others the simple fact that, through the Gospel, through being reconciled to Christ, God’s grace was enough.  More than enough, it was the answer to my pain; it made me rely not on my own strength, not on the things of the world, and moved me to throw myself on the cross for strength and forgiveness.  It gave me a platform to speak on God’s goodness.  And God was always faithful.  Even with the loss of my son, or the hundreds of other things I have gone through, God was always enough.  His gospel answered the pain in my life, and though He didn’t remove me from the pain, He walked with me when He called me to those fires.  And the world listened.  Through pain I was able to proclaim God’s goodness, His sovereignty, and His glory.  This is the message of my life.

I know many of us are going through pain.  I know many of us are experience heart ache and trials of all kinds, and the fires in our lives that we are called to seem to all but melt our hearts.  Disease, finances, death; we yell for the God of the universe to answer us and yet when He does with the glory that is revealed in pain, we struggle with the purpose of it because it is not what we’d want.  The lack of accomplishment of our wills does not negate the fact that the goal of pain is the glory of God.  Yet God never leaves us, and intimately wraps us in His arms, consuming our pain with the glory of His gospel.  This is what I’m about; this is what I want to share.

I have ample experience in speaking in front of many churches, both large and small, and have always felt confident that the stories the Lord has allowed me to graciously get through have been received for His glory.  I’m at a place where I feel the Lord is calling me to do this full time, coupled with several of the books I have written, to truly bless the Lord and bless those to see a bigger picture of God’s ultimate sovereignty and glory.  This is my passion; pain does not negate the goodness of God in any way, and in fact, shows that God alone is good.

I have three books available at the moment for purchase on Amazon.com (with four more coming at the end of August 2012, and two more by January 2013), but if you are interested in dialoguing with me about sharing, I’d love to send you a few books to get a better idea of my passion for God’s glory.  I regularly update this blog and truly desire to strengthen the local church in any way I can; having served as a pastor for students to adults for over a decade.


Here are three messages I’ve given that will give an example of my passion:




Also, I have a few words written from pastors who I’ve partnered with in sharing God’s story:

“Dan Parkins is a man of great faith, great insight and great love for Jesus and His Church.  He speaks of God and teaches the Word with authentic hope as he tells stories of his own transformation and leading others to be transformed by the grace of God.” ~ Chris Cannon, Lead Pastor King’s Harbor

“Our church was so blessed when Dan Parkins preached.  He brought a word that deeply touched, challenged, and moved our people.  Dan is biblically insightful and humbly authentic.  God works through this man!” – Jim Stewart, Lead Pastor Journey South Bay

“Daniel speaks from the Word through His heart.  There is nothing fake about him, or his message.  He resonates with people where they are and struggles with them through the ups and downs of life.  He is real.  He is authentic.  He is biblical.  He was a refreshing breeze from our pulpit.  We are all deeper in love with Jesus because Daniel shared his life and biblical truth in our church.” Jim Welch, Lead Pastor Peninsula Community Church

“When Dan Parkins came to King’s Harbor Church to teach on prayer, our community was moved by his transparency and genuine pursuit of Jesus through His own personal testimony. Dan has a clear understanding of Scripture and is able to impart it in such a way that leaves people desiring to go deeper in their own understanding and communion with the living God.” ~ Suzie Lind, Women’s Pastor

“He has the scars to show for it — torn between his own fallen humanity and a God too loving to leave him there — Daniel Parkins is a sovereign work in progress. Our generation has a man who has wrestled God, held on for a blessing, and now only lives to tell others the Good News.” – Philip Heidt, Pastor, Journey South Bay

Please feel free to contact me in any way:

Daniel Parkins


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