Prayer is the real work, and as such, I want to create another venue for others to share their prayer requests on this blog as a hub of sorts.  There are readers from Canada, Japan, Brazil, and others, and I think it would be amazing if we could all gather together on this blog and pray for one another.

We all need a way to communicate and share our stories.

If, however, you’d like prayer from me and a few of the pastors in my life, then you can fill out this form and keep it “private.”  Please understand that I am very serious in this; I promise to pray, and will expect the Lord to move according to His will and glory.  I will also update on the blog should requests be answered and posts specific immediate needs to go out to others.  Thank you for participating in this!

Lastly, if you email me and let me know ( about prayer requests and subscribing to this blog, I will send you a free eBook on prayer that I wrote and will be available August 2012.  I pray it will be an encouragement to you and a ministry tool for you to use with others.  It is called, “The Language of Desire” and I pray the Lord receives the glory for it.

Just click on “comment” and in the section where you can write, post your prayer requests.  As the list continues, let’s all be faithful in praying!  My deep love and appreciation for all of you who continue to pray for my health as well!

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