The Right Anger

Our flame has become a flicker in our pursuit of God,
and it’s through holy violence that our passion
for Christ must be rekindled.
In all our daily efforts of pursuing our greatest desires,
we forget to pursue the One who pursued us.
We fail to bring our entire lives into the Light where the love and power
of Christ can break through the darkness that keeps us from Him.
In The Right Anger, Daniel Parkins takes you to the heart of the Christian faith. It is a battle, and it is violent. The “right anger” brings about a pursuit of God that is intense, requires strength of will, and is fervent with a continually burning fire within us that will rage until we cannot be extinguished. It’s the “right anger” that starts a fire for the glory of Christ in our hearts, and in our world, for a pursuit of holiness. The “right anger” drives our faith to be violently lived out with an intense holy rage and resolve, on God Himself rather than how things look or feel. The Right Anger will ignite a holy violence into a blazing fire that will roar into eternity.

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