It Is Finished

Read:  John 19.29-30, Acts 2.23-24

The earth and all the fullness of everything we see cannot compare to the implications and affects of these three words spoken by Christ on the day of His suffering.  It is Christ who entered into our suffering and death.  But His suffering came about because we are at odds with God and are trying to rush headlong into some sort of comfortable identification with Him; taking upon the term “follower” but not actually following.  God and Christ are the operators in the matter, not the ones operated upon.  In other words, according to Peter in Acts 2, Christ’s suffering was completed foreordained.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus is concerned to point out that no one takes His life from Him but that He lays it down of His own accord (John 10.18).  In the end, Jesus suffers and dies because nobody identified with Him.  Though fully man, He was and is completely outside of us in every way.  The people cried for Him to be crucified.  One of his disciples betrayed Him, another denied Him, and the rest forsook Him and fled.  Our Jesus died alone, forsaken even by God.

Each day we must take this into account.  It is His work, finished by His death and resurrection, that enables us to live and breath in newness of life.  We cannot identify with Christ precisely because He is God, but we can receive a new identity in Him through faith in Him.  Christ did the impossible and finished the great glorious work of the ages.  This is our Jesus displayed for all to see.  This is our Jesus who alone finished the work that reconciled us and secured out greatest need out of His impossible love.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, I am yours.  Through Christ, you have done the impossible for me.  You suffered for me, died for me, and had victory over death.  I have done nothing, and yet I receive everything.  Thank you.


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